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29th Jun 2019

The simple wardrobe decluttering hack that we’ll be using from today on

And it's so simple.


Say goodbye to an overcrowded wardrobe.

Getting dressed in the morning can be an absolute nightmare – we have both nothing to wear but too many clothes to choose from.

Yes, our wardrobe is completely overcrowded with clothes and most of them we don’t even wear.

Well, one woman is sharing her genius wardrobe decluttering trick and we’ll be implementing it immediately.

Anita Birges has been hailed the Declutter Queen and we can see why thanks to this incredibly simple hack she uses to keep her wardrobe free of mess.

She calls it the ‘Reverse Hanger Hack’ and it’s so easy you can start it today.

All you have to do is organise your hangers in your wardrobe so that they all face the same way.

Then, after you take clothes out to wear them and you’re putting them back, turn the hangers the opposite way.

Then in six or so months, see what hangers haven’t been switched and they’re the clothes that you should be taking to the charity shop.

Yep, it’s so simple and while it might take a few months to reap the rewards, it’s a system that will keep you on top of the clutter for now on.