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24th Jul 2015

The Seven Struggles of Life with Slow Internet

From browsers to Buffering...

Everyone, at some time or another, has had to endure the pain of slow internet. From browsers to Buffering, these are the struggles that people with a poor connection have to endure…

The hopeless optimism

Maybe today will be faster. Maybe our internet browser will open up in seconds. Maybe everything has miraculously fixed itself as technology sometimes does… Nope. It’s still painfully slow.

Ain’t nobody got time for that

This is taking WAY too long. We literally could have driven down to the cinema to check the screening times, watched the film and returned home by the time our browser responds.

The loading game

It either looks like it’s loading but then just stays blank or it does load but nothing works. What will we have to do to be able to see this hilarious GIF?!

The accidental ‘Like’

That stomach-churning moment when you’ve be scrolling and clicking (for what feels like five years) to get your browser to respond and then it does and you end up liking someone’s picture on Facebook.

Then come the questions: ‘How do I explain this?’ ‘Do I even know that person?’ ‘Should I just unlike it?’ ‘But what will I say when I see them next and they know I’ve unliked it?’

Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!

It’ll work this time… this time… surely this time… this time?… maybe if we close our eyes, it will work… it’s not working… why is it not working?… this will never work ever again… the refresh button should really be called the ‘I suck’ button.


The popcorn is ready. We’ve found the perfect position on the sofa. The film has just started. And then ‘Buffering’ begins. Buffering is the devil of the internet.

It’s time to restart

Because that fixes everything.*

(*except for slow internet.)

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