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29th Apr 2016

This Craze In Pubic Hair Grooming Has Left Us A Little Bit Baffled

We will never look at Doritos the same way again.


We will never look at Doritos the same way again.

We’re all about new hair trends, but this takes the biscuit… or should that be crisp?!

Hugely popular Instagram star Sjana Earp has revealed the latest big trend for public hair grooming and we’re a little bit surprised by it to say the least.

Sjana apparently gets asked so many questions about pubic hair removal – random, we know – that she has dedicated an entire video to the subject.

A video that is 11 minutes long.

Don’t worry though, we went through the key points of it for you, and her top tip of it all – apart from never using a dry razor if you plan on shaving of course – is to get your pubic hair shaped into a Dorito…

Confused as we were?

Don’t worry, Sjana explains that when she says Dorito she really means ‘a triangle within the triangle’.

Apparently it’s all the rage down there.

confused gif

However, she did admit that she preferred to get a full Brazilian herself.

She uploaded the video in a bid to make it “completely normal to talk about pubes”.

Fair play to her we say.

You can watch the full video here, and believe us there are some very interesting insights into the world of body hair removal.

Video via YouTube/Sjana Earp