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10th Nov 2016

The John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 is here


They sure kept us waiting anyway.

There has been a major build up to the John Lewis Christmas advert this year. Mainly because so many places had guessed the wrong date for its release. It was assumed that it would be released on the first Friday of November, following on from what happened in 2015.

But last Friday there was nothing released.

Since then, they’ve been giving us small teasers of what to expect and even made a whole new Twitter account with no branding or mention of John Lewis on it to release the snippets. It ran with the hashtag #BounceBounce and featured a dog and a little girl.

Now, finally, we get to see the whole thing and it’s definitely been worth the wait. It’s just been released on the main retailer’s Twitter account.

With the song  ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ it sees the very same dog and girl being introduced to her new Christmas gift, a trampoline.

Before she can even get to it, though, it had some very special guests taking a jump on it.

John Lewis certainly have a way of bringing that festive feeling every year.