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13th Jan 2016

The Genius’ Behind Copper Face Jacks Are Sitting On An Absolute Mountain Of Cash

There's money to made in shifting.

Megan Cassidy

Looks like the business of shifting was very lucrative in 2013.

There’s something very special about a Copper-Faced Warrior. The person who never goes home early, who is always the last man standing, and who will never choose chips over a bop to the 5ive Megamix and the chance of a shift.

There’s nowhere quite like Coppers, and the mountain of cash that the owners are sitting on is testament to that fact.

The latest accounts filed by Cathal and Paula Jackson’s Breanagh Catering Ltd reveal that the company’s cash reserves jumped from €4.4 million to €50.9 million in the twelve months leading up to January 2014.

Accumulated profits for this time came to an eye-watering  €63.3million.

The Harcourt street nightclub, owned by former Garda Cathal Jackson is open seven days a week and boasts six bars, two beer gardens and a VIP area, and is a haven for sports lovers.

It recently launched its own brand of underwear, although they are only available as prizes and giveaways.

Right that’s it. We’re setting up a stall selling knickers and shifts. Come one come all.