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18th Oct 2016

The cruelest joke toy is doing the rounds this Hallowe’en


Rebecca Keane

We can’t imagine anyone who would actually play this prank on a friend.

For those of you living under a rock, Hallowe’en is fast approaching.

The spooky holiday is many people’s favourite time of year and if you’re looking for inspiration for an outfit, you can still find one if you look hard enough.

The most pinned Hallowe’en costume on Pinterest has been revealed  and we can see why it’s so popular as it is VERY pretty. This pegasus/angel hybrid has been getting a lot of love online so if you’re still costume-less by now, maybe take inspiration from this gorgeous outfit.


Hallowe’en is a time for messing, games and of course, playing tricks on your friends, family and other half but this one certain toy spotted on Imgur definitely takes the biscuit for being the worst of the worst pranks to play.

The joke in question revolves around a fake pregnancy text, a toy that looks like a test but with a positive red ‘+’ on the little window. YIKES.

As if the look of it isn’t scary enough, it entices potential customers with the slightly disturbing line of

“It’s positive every time! Great for: Marriage, Extortion, Laughs!”



Who would be that cruel?