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12th May 2016

Tall girls unite! Women are sharing their pictures in #TallGirlTwitter

Tall girls are cute too!

“You’re tall for a girl.”

We’ve all been there – suffering dumb comments from strangers or friends alike because of our height. Big Bird, Gigantor, BFG are just a few mean names that spring to mind.

Finally, tall girls are getting the appreciation they deserve in a form of a hashtag online.

#TallGirlsTwitter is a hashtag tweeters began using to support the acceptance of beauty at all heights.

In a society where petite women are prized, taller women can struggle to feel beautiful and can even sometimes be mocked when buying high heels or trying to find a partner. RUDE.

tallvia Giphy

The hashtag, accompanied by witty captions, selfies and assorted photos, celebrates their beautiful lengthy legs and all the other amazing tall girl attributes.


Some of the best #TallGirlTwitter posts include:


As a gal who stands at 5’11 and always been ashamed of her height, this is exactly what I could’ve done with during my teens.