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11th Nov 2015

Survey Reveals The Most Annoying Front-Seat Passenger According To Irish People

We completely agree.

Megan Cassidy

Backseat drivers get a bad wrap…

Because there is nothing, we repeat NOTHING more irritating than an overly involved front-seat passenger – especially if that passenger happens to be your smug other half.

Our bros at stumbled upon a survey which confirms the fact that long journeys can be a very testing time in a relationship.

Couple fight car

The research, conducted by Done Deal, asked Irish people who they found to be the most irritating companion in the car.

A whopping 33 per cent of respondents said their other half annoyed them the most – a fact that probably won’t surprise you if you’ve recently observed a couple in your rear-view mirror.

Twenty per cent of people said their blood boils when their Mammy is beside them in the car, which again we are not overly surprised at.

Video via YouTube/Movieclips