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25th Jan 2016

Survey Reveals How Much The Average Irish Wedding Costs

Getting engaged? You'll want some do-re-mi.

Megan Cassidy

When we fantasise about our dream wedding, our bank account doesn’t really feature.

However, it’s a very real consideration as weddings are costly beasts, and only getting costlier.

A survey conducted by weddingsonline revealed that the average cost of an Irish wedding is €22,531 – that’s a six per cent increase on last year’s figures.

The wedding website interviewed 2,000 people, and gleaned some other interesting tidbits, too.

In order to raise funds, 28 per cent of couples take out a loan while 22 per cent share the cost with their parents.

The avergage price per guest at an Irish wedding is €61, so it’s no surprise that 77 per cent said they prefer cash as a wedding present.

Saturday is still the most popular day to get married and people tend to wait an average of 18 months to get wed after popping the question.

A whopping ninety per cent of couples choose to honeymoon abroad with the US, Mexico, and the Maldives being the most popular destinations.

Now, to find that old piggy bank and crack it open.