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19th Feb 2018

Here’s how many people in your office masturbate to your Instagram pics

Jade Hayden



Masturbation is a pretty good invention.

It feels good, can do wonders for your happiness, and is a fairly handy way to spend the cold, lonely spring nights.

As it turns out though, a fair few people are spending those cold, lonely, spring nights masturbating while looking at your social media photos.

All those stunning Maya Bay bikini pics, the candid-but-not-really-candid shots of you lounging by the pool, the photoset of your day at Dublin Zoo… it’s all potential stroke-fodder.

Every last bit of it.

According to research carried out by porn site Sugar Cookie, 2 in 5 men have masturbated to their female co-worker’s online pics.

Now, we were fairly surprised by these findings so you can imagine our disbelief when it was revealed that 42 percent of women also admitted to getting off to photos of their colleagues.

Apparently, gender does not discriminate when it comes to being a lurk.

Who knew?


Sugar Cookie has, understandably, urged people not to worry about the high numbers of people getting off to their Instas.

They said that while it’s often inappropriate (or, as they put it, “very naughty”) to think about work colleagues this way, there’s nothing wrong with letting your sexual attraction affect your thoughts.

They said:

“There’s nothing with fantasising about someone of course!

“The term online-stalking sounds creepy, but as long as you keep it harmless and healthy, you’re not breaking any laws by looking at public social media profiles.”

Harmless and healthy is absolutely the key here, so we can’t really argue with that.

It is still, however, a bit baffling that this many people are masturbating to the people they work with.

They must work in better looking offices than we’re used to…

Feature image via Sugar Cookie.