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24th Jul 2015

Stop Everything. It’s The McDonald’s News We’ve All Been Waiting For

This news may have just made our day.

This may have just made our day.

If you’re a fan of a yummy Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s then keep on reading, as your day is about to get a whole lot better.

Over the last number of years, fans of the breakfast menu have been asking McDonald’s to run the menu all day, and recently, the fast food giant began trialling the idea at some of its stores in California.


Now though, it looks as though the all-day breakfast menu may in fact be rolled out across their chain as an internal memo in the US has been leaked and appears to suggest the change could be in place as soon as this October.

How amazing would that be?


The days of booting it to McDonald’s before 10.30am may be a thing of the past lads and ladies… fingers crossed.

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