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26th Oct 2019

Sinéad Burke and toy company team up to create little person doll for World Dwarfism Awareness Day

Jade Hayden

A brilliant idea.

Sinéad Burke and toy company Lottie Dolls have teamed up to create what could be the world’s first little person doll.

The toy, modelled on Sinéad herself, is a girl wearing a red dress who is disproportionately smaller than all of the other dolls made by the company.

Burke announced the collaboration on Twitter yesterday to mark World Dwarfism Awareness Day.

“Today is World Dwarfism Awareness Day and to celebrate the occasion, I’ve volunteered with @Lottie_dolls to create The Sinéad Doll,” she said.

“It’s proportionately smaller than their other dolls and €1 of every online sale is being donated to Little People of Ireland.”

“A Limited Edition Little Person Doll made in collaboration with Sinéad Burke, a contributing Editor to British Vogue, an Irish writer, academic, influencer, activist, broadcaster and inspiring role model,” reads the product description.

Based in Donegal, Lottie Dolls was set up in 2012 with the intention of focusing on childhood and encouraging kids to be kids.

All of the dolls are based on the proportions of nine-year-old children, rather than woman. They also promote diversity and inclusion among children, with many of the dolls based on real children.

The brand already has an astronaut doll based on a child with ADHD and autism, a doll with cochlear implants, and a boy doll.

The Sinéad Doll costs €20.00, with €1 from every doll sold online going straight to the Little People of Ireland.

You can check out The Sinéad Doll here. 

Images via Lottie Dolls.