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04th Mar 2014

“Shopping is My Cardio” – Ten Things We Love About Our Favourite Sport

A lover or a hater?

Shopping… the camp is completely divided on this one.

Some LOVE IT and others, well not so much.

With that in mind, we decided to put together the arguments for either side, starting with all the happy feels we get from this particular hobby.

Buzz Word 

Some definitely get a buzz from shopping. You know that sense of happiness that descends when you buy something new. All is suddenly right in the world and life is great. The only problem with this is the buzz inevitably wears off, and you often find yourself looking for another fix… you know exactly what we mean.



There’s nothing like a good bargain. We all remember the €2 shop which was a great source of entertainment as a child and even now as adults, there’s nothing like grabbing a trend led dress from Penneys or a designer piece that’s been significantly reduced. STEAL!


Saving For Something Special

While we love to nab a bargain, there’s a lot to be said for saving up for something special. When you finally have the funds for something on your wishlist that you’ve been lusting after (designer bags and shoes often feature here, Mulberry Willow anyone?!), it’s pretty amazing to finally invest. This applies to everything, from a laptop to your first car… it’s a big achievement to curtail your spending and manage to save.


Buying…( on credit card)

One of Team Her has admitted to the odd sneaky purchase on your credit card. As she says herself, “it’s good to go a bit mad now and again”… famous last words.


Nice Fit

If you’re in between sizes depending on the shop, you’ll recognise that smug feeling which comes with fitting into something you thought was too small. Nice one!

The Break

There’s nothing better than taking the weight off and indulging in a coffee break, halfway through your strenuous experience. “I deserve this coffee and cake” – yes, yes you do. Refuel is essential so you can get ready for round two.


Many of us enjoy shopping alone as you can go at your own pace and shop at your leisure. However, shopping can be great craic with friends. As well as having a laugh, no one will tell you the truth quite the same way as your BFF. Mothers, sisters and any relation really, can also be relied on to give their honest opinions.


New Shoes

Skyscraper heels, beautiful bag or killer dress… a new purchase generally puts a spring in your step. Much like the glow of first love but minus the stressful worry, deciphering his texts or the dreaded first date panic. Shopping is far easier than hearts and flowers, to be fair.


It has to be said that buying something, small or big, can often put a smile on your face. From a small spend like a hump-day chocolate break to splurging on a Friday night dress, a black mood is often made a little bit better by a little pick-me up-purchase.


Getting Home

Whatever about the shopping experience itself, we love to get home and review all of our pretty purchases. Unpacking and taking off tags might not sound very exciting but it gives you yet another chance to congratulate yourself on your epic shopping talents. And relax…