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14th Apr 2016

Shocking images show damage caused by turbulence which saw six people taken to hospital

*Warning* - Contains images some may find upsetting.

Megan Cassidy

Shocking images of the interior of a plane show the aftermath of severe turbulence which saw six people hospitalised.

The photos from the Thai airways flight show blood on the seats and contents from the overhead lockers strewn all over the cabin.

The aircraft came into severe turbulence above Singapore on Monday, and conditions were so bad on board that passenger Sarah Jayne Edwards wrote a letter to her husband as she didn’t believe she would make it.

six injured with turbulence on flight thai airways

She told the Mail Online about how she tried to comfort her daughter:

“I grabbed (her three-year-old daughter) AsiaLilly and cuddled her and told her we had hit a raincloud so it was going to feel like a rollercoaster. Broke my heart when she said ‘mummy I’m scared!”

She explained that the blood on a seat in one particularly gruesome picture came from an Indian man who wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and hit his head when he was thrown into the air.


Thai Airways President Charamporn Jotikasthira said: “The company apologizes to passengers who were involved in the incident.

“The company has paid the cost of medical treatment for passengers and staff injured.

“All those who were hurt on the aircraft have returned home from hospital.”