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25th Jun 2013

Sarongs, Bras and Flashing Thongs: These are the People of Walmart

People actually head to the shops like this...

Ah the Walmart superstore, a wonderful shopping experience where you can pretty much buy all the goods you need, but did you know that it’s famous for its unique “style” too?

The giant superstore who owns over 10,000 retailing units across the world has certainly the most unusual customers who have a rather distinct sense of pride when it comes to their clothing.

But this isn’t the first time that clothing has been hot topic in the news. Tesco recently had to ban scantily clad shoppers from its store because it was becoming a “health hazard.”

So far no such ban has been made in Walmart that we know of, so until then let the Internet gold flow!

Here’s some of our favourite pics of shoppers gracing the Walmart store:

1) The lady who looks a bit cold

2) The man with the classy footwear

3) The guy who grows sweets out of his hair

4) The real life Muppet

5) The man with the goods

6) The rock n’ roll gran

7) The man who’s dressed to impress

8) The…. wait what?

9) The very happy grandad

10) The religious type

11) The one who’s hanging in there

12) The man who thinks he’s a unicorn or something

13) And finally… the boxed in woman

And you thought Ireland was bad with our pyjama-clad women? 

Pics via People of Walmart