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07th Nov 2016

Ryanair announce vacancy for ‘the worst job in Ireland’


Dublin and Manchester United fans and cyclists need not apply.

Have you a thick skin?

An aversion to ‘bolloxology’?

Your own collection of nursery rhymes/bedtime stories?

An ability to operate without sleep or contact with the outside world?

If that sounds like you, then the perfect job could be yours, as assistant to “Ryanair’s misunderstood but beloved CEO,” the one and only Michael O’Leary.

michael o'leary

Ryanair are inviting applications for what they themselves term as ‘the worst job in Ireland,’ applications that must be submitted by a deadline of Friday, November 18.

As well as all the attributes listed above, candidates will be required to assist the Ryanair CEO in treasury & portfolio management, investment analysis, tax analysis & returns, project management and property development, special project work, general drudgery and MOL-ly coddling.

Ryanair say that applicants who are cyclists or who support Dublin or Manchester United will not only not be hired, but that they will be “tracked down, tortured and shot”.

In all seriousness, however (not that we doubt their willingness to commit to the threat above), they say that it is “a great opportunity for an ambitious, self-motivated qualified accountant to work in a demanding and interesting role” and that “there will be significant opportunities for the candidate if successful, to further develop their career by promotion into the management team at Ryanair”.

Interested? You can find more details on how to apply here.