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23rd Feb 2016

RTÉ Radio Need Your Help To Track Down John Or Eda Who Once Owned This Bracelet From the 70s

The bracelet was found in the 70s.

If you once owned a gold bangle, or have heard stories of a beautiful bracelet that has since been lost, RTÉ could be looking for you.

The Ray D’Arcy show was contacted by a man named Colm, who wrote a letter to say he found a gold bangle in the 1970s in Ireland.

He left no return address or contact information, but did send the bangle to the station with a note explaining how he had kept the bracelet in a drawer for years looking for a way to track down the original owners.

As well as the photo posted to the RTÉ Radio 1 Twitter account, Dave Fanning told listeners that the bangle has a small clasp on its side, as well as being engraved inside:

‘From John to Eda, with love’

A date from the 1960s was also inscribed.

While the show understand they might not be able to reach John or Eda themselves, they’d love to pass the bangle along to a family member.

Think you might be able to return this to the rightful owner?

You can contact the team on [email protected] or tweet them at @RadioRayRTE.