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21st Mar 2018

Rosie Connolly has ‘stepped away’ from her brand after Instagram page calls her out

Remember the controversy at the beginning of the year?

Olivia Hayes

She cleared up the controversy today.

You might remember at the beginning of the year, an Instagram page called Bullshitcallerouter was established that targeted bloggers and influencers.

It primarily looked at photoshop, and how certain people on social media altered images of their size, and blemishes.

However, the further the page looked into various bloggers and influencers, it also found that some who had created brands, or product lines, were selling their goods for an extreme markup.

This happened to Rosie Connolly, and her sunglasses brand Aluxe.

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The Instagram account questioned Rosie about her sunglasses, but no answer was ever received.

But now, fans of the blogger are asking her what happened to the line – she hasn’t spoken or posted about it in several months – and now, Rosie finally has an answer.

Rosie said: “I was asked a question by a page that is set up to call out bloggers, I blocked that page because I actually didn’t know it was following me and I don’t agree with the way things are handled on that page.

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“People are wondering about my brand Aluxe, and what the story is with that, which is totally understandable,” she said.

“I can’t get into too much detail here but I have stepped away from the brand and it is still going and is being managed separately to myself.

“I have stepped away from the brand but it is still available and still going as far as know. I made a personal choice.”

She also added that she dislikes these accounts that are made purely to call influencers out, calling them rude and forceful.

“I have been avoiding the question but I haven’t now.

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“I do block those pages because personally, I don’t like the nature of them, but I do understand people’s questioning, well they probably asked the question to try and catch me out.

“I block people if they are being rude. I suppose I owe thanks to that page for forcing me to talk about it because it’s not something I wanted to talk about yet, but anyway, it’s done now.

“My focus is on lots of different projects coming up in the pipeline but for now, I’m pulling everything back and reevaluating the direction I want to go in.”