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03rd Feb 2016

Relationship Expert Warns You To Walk Away From A Partner Who Follows This Pattern Behaviour

The concerning tactic usually occurs post-fight.

You have a fight and there are some hurt feelings.

Maybe you said things you didn’t mean. Or things you did mean, but with some hurtful emotions tied into the delivery.

While it’s normal and healthy to fight, we’ve long been told the importance of open communication… but what happens when the events take on a new, manipulated light?

Relationships experts Susie and Otto Collins warn women that when a partner starts ‘gaslighting’ behaviours, it’s time to make your moves out of that relationship.

‘Gaslighting’ is the new term for someone who tries to manipulate the other person into changing their perception of events in their favour.

This may make you feel crazy, confused, or like you’ve forgotten something.

The tactic is also frequently used by someone during an argument, where one half refuse to accept their responsibility in an argument.

The Collins argue that someone who is willing to manipulate your memory or feelings on a topic will continue to play emotional mind-games to feel in control of a situation.

If this all sounds familiar, the relationship experts advise that now is the time to walk away.

While it’s totally acceptable to have a different viewpoint, that shouldn’t be used to change someone else’s personal feelings on a situation.

Remember, it’s your right to question, feel or voice your opinion on a subject. It takes two people to be in a relationship, so two people should have the opportunity to voice their concerns.