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04th Aug 2015

PICTURE: One Man Is Seriously Not Over Coming Second In An Egg And Spoon Race In 1985

He's demanding a rematch.

He’s demanding a rematch. 

We love a trip down memory lane and one user on Reddit has certainly done that for us this week, after posting this hilarious ‘Rematch’ poster.

The sign reads that Michael is looking for a rematch of the Under 6 Egg and Spoon race which took place in 1985.

Michael came second in the race and is now calling for a rematch – 30 years later.

dishwasher incl
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“If you were the winner of that race, meet me here at 11.42am on Thursday and we will race again,” he writes.

“I don’t recall your name, but if I remember rightly, you are fast and the height of a child.

“I am much faster now than I was then, so it should be a good race,” he continued.


He goes on to add that he can bring an egg for his opponent but cannot bring a spoon as “most of my spoons are in the dishwasher and I have not been able to open it since February.”

(Which is probably why he’s looking for a plumber in the sign just below it!).

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Reddit users have been getting great enjoyment out of the thread, with some brilliant comments underneath.

All we want to know now though is, will Michael win the race?

Images via Scuttlebutt91/Reddit