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18th Mar 2016

PICS – IMG Models Sign Their First Plus Size Male Model

His name is Zach Mikos

Ellen Tannam

IMG Models is one of the largest global agencies for new modelling talent.

The fashion world is taking slow steps towards recognising that the world is made up of people of varying body shapes and have launched their men’s plus size arm, called ‘Brawn’.

Their first signing is Zach Miko, who is an actor, comedian and writer. Women’s Wear Daily report that the 6 foot 6 actor has ‘become the poster boy for brawny men who feel good about their bodies and want to look fashionable.”

President of IMG, Ivan Bart said: “The body positive messaging and size diversity is something that’s relevant and something that continues to be on everybody’s mind. We have to extend the conversation for men.”

A photo posted by Zach Miko (@zachmiko) on

Miko himself took to his

Instagram, saying: “I hope that with this, guys growing up being of size can now open up a catalog or a website and see someone they can relate to. I want them to see a model and think, He’s kind of like me.”

Buffalo wings IN Buffalo. My life is complete @duffswings

A photo posted by Zach Miko (@zachmiko) on

“That’s a feeling a lot of people of size did not feel growing up. I want Brawn to relate to every man who wants to feel good about their self-esteem and self-image.”

All Images via Instagram/zachmiko