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25th Oct 2015

PIC: Woman Makes Her Hen Party Event Page Public – It Backfires Spectacularly

Rookie mistake.

Megan Cassidy

The Hen party is like a little test run for the wedding…

We see if the bridesmaids have their shit together, and can generally gauge how much of a bridezilla we are going to have on our hands.


If this Newcastle bride’s hen party is anything to go by… we are seriously concerned for the wedding.

Julie set up a Facebook invite page for her hen party, she made the absolute rookie mistake of setting it to public, a slip up our bros at likened to the movie Project X.

Project X

Things escalated pretty quickly until it went from 30 guests, to 12,000, with another 7,000 invited.

Julie 1

That’s a LOT of penis straws.

Unfortunately, Julie couldn’t find a venue that would support the capacity (Croke Park wasn’t free?) so had to cancel the whole affair.

Julie 2

Julie 3

We’re just glad Julie set the page up herself, and it wasn’t some poor maid of honour, who we imagine would now be excommunicated.