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24th Oct 2013

PIC: This Irish Dad Is Definitely A Superhero


The award for Dad of The Year goes to…

Never mind the costumes, comics or movies, Paddy Browne is a real life superhero.

Browne’s son, Oisin Roberts, has a costume party at school tomorrow in Donegal, and so his father decided to get creative.


Outdoing himself Paddy designed an epic get-up for Oisin.

Not only did he make the young boy a Batman costume, but he also turned his son’s wheelchair into the Batmobile.


Just look how happy he is…


We’ve no doubt Oisin has the best costume prize in the bag.


There really is only one word for this doting Dad… Hero.

Huge thanks to wife Tanya for sending these photos in to our brothers at via Twitter, and to Paddy for being an absolute legend.