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01st Apr 2016

PIC: Supermacs And Coppers Coming Together Is A Match Made In Heaven

Bacon double cheeseburger while bopping to the 5ive Megamix? Yes please!

Megan Cassidy

A match made in heaven.

A familiar scene… you’re happy out, bopping away with the girls on the Coppers dancefloor, when all of a sudden you think of a burger.

There’s no going back once the thought has entered your head, and within ten minutes you’ve done a Cinderella and you’re in the Supermacs queue.

Well, now Supermacs and Coppers could have the answer to this conundrum, as they have today announced that they are pairing up to facilitate all of our drunken needs in one place.

Supermac’s founder Pat McDonagh explained, “it makes sense that two much-loved Irish brands such as Supermac’s and Copper Face Jacks should combine. It’s often been said that Supermac’s is the best club after the nightclub, so why not locate one within the most famous nightclub in the country. I myself have often tried to get into Coppers and at my age this is the only way they’ll allow me in.”

So starting from tonight, the new Supermacs outlet will be situated in the Premium Bar area of the nightclub.

Yep, starting from tonight. April 1st. The first of April. April Fools’ Day.

Waaaaaaait a second.