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07th Apr 2018

People are using the #DearFutureHusband hashtag and we can’t tell if they’re messing or not

Jade Hayden



Being at all familiar with Twitter means that you’ll be aware of a few things.

The first is that people have a lot of free time on their hands and that they will use this time to share their innermost feelings and thoughts that nobody asked for on the internet.

The second is the existence of the #DearFutureHusband hashtag, probably.

Now, don’t be alarmed if you haven’t come across this particular tag yet.

We hadn’t either until we did some digging because, as it turns out, we don’t really follow a lot of people who’ve been using it but it’s been doing the rounds as of late so here we are.

From what we can gather, the Dear Future Husband hashtag is basically a load of people tweeting about things they want their future husbands to know.

But rather than saying things that are a bit gas like “You’ll have to deal with me being a mess and eating eight kebabs on a night out, ha,” people are posting things that, let’s just say, are ever so slightly questionable.

For example:

Yeah, see?

Like, are they messing? Are they serious? Are people really going to wait at home wearing sexy lingerie for their husbands every night of the week?


The tag itself didn’t just come from nowhere either.

Meghan Trainor (remember her?) has a song called Dear Future Husband and it talks about her wanting flowers all the time and being treated like a lady and lots of others things you can’t really force someone to do, but sure look.

Anyway, regardless as to whether this hashtag is a joke or not (please be a joke, people please), one thing remains certain:

Whoever we all end up marrying probably shouldn’t have access to our Twitter archives.