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06th Jun 2019

According to this study, people with this star sign are most likely to cheat



Research has found that there is a significantly higher percentage of cheaters with certain star signs.

A study of the most common star sign on dating website Victoria Milan revealed that people who are Aquarius are most likely to cheat, according to Pretty52.

Aquarius make up 10.9 percent of the users on the site. This is followed by 10.1 percent Pisces and 10 percent Aries.

If you’ve found yourself a Sagittarius you’re in luck because they were the least popular star sign on the site, which essentially means they are the most faithful. Only 6.5 percent of those on the site are Sagittarius.

Now, we’d advise you to take this finding with a very large pinch of salt, obviously star signs have nothing to do with how loyal your partner is, but just as it’s fun to read your horoscope, it’s fun to read what your star sign means for your faithfulness, even if it’s only a bit of fun.