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16th Oct 2017

Pensions, household budgets and a bath mat… the 5 struggles of adulting

Because it ain't easy being aged 18+.

Do you have trouble being an adult?

On this week’s episode of Girls With Goals, we’re tackling our generation’s inability to ‘adult’ as well as sexual harassment for women in Ireland.

HamSandwicH’s Niamh Farrell and Facebook comedian Tony Cantwell join Niamh Maher on the panel this week as they also delve into the Government’s 2018 Budget, The Rock Test, and the most important item for an adult to purchase… the bath mat.

We hear about our guest’s weirdest fan moments including an obsession Tony’s PLOON character.


Niamh Farrell also opens up about her experience with male harassment and being the ‘only girl in the band’ saying that we need to call men out on being inappropriate (This conversation happens at 29:30).

Niamh Farrell says: ‘Every woman, in words or actions has been belittled in some way. Whether it’s the music industry or any job, I feel like we’ve all gone through something that’s made you feel uncomfortable’.

Our Spotlight on Sport guest this week is Kat Fearon who joined us to discuss how she got started and hooked on Crossfit as well as the fundamentals of what is involved.

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Stick those headphones on, turn the volume up and enjoy Girls With Goals… nothing is off limits.