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10th Mar 2016

Pearling Is The Sex Technique That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction In Men

This sounds unnecessarily painful.


We’re pretty open-minded when it comes to sex.

If it’s consensual, and hurts nobody, we’re all for enjoying yourself.

But for anyone intrigued by the ‘pearling’ phenomenon, you might need to brace yourself for some of the serious side effects.

For anyone who hasn’t yet come across the stimulation technique, pearling is where small, superficial incisions are made on the surface of the shaft of the penis where small beads or pearls are inserted under the skin of the penis.

The practice is believed to enhance the sexual pleasure for a man’s partner during intercourse by applying extra friction to the clitoris, but doctors are warning about the hidden dangers of the body medication technique.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Dr Tobias Köhler, of SIU Healthcare in Illinois, outlines chronic pain, tissue scarring and erectile dysfunction as bumpier side effects of pearling:

“I’d recommend against it in general, because despite perfect, sterile techniques, there’s always a risk of infection and something going wrong.”

In a report published in the International Journal of Emergency Medicine, the report concluded that pearling can cause ‘penile abscesses, pain during erection and scar tissue formation – which leads to chronic pain and erectile dysfunction’.

But the biggest risk is infection, according to Dr Köhler:

“If you don’t use clean equipment – let’s say you use a used razor blade to cut your penis – you can introduce infection that way.”

Maybe consider opting for some alternative sex toys the next time you want to stir things up…

It could be safer all round.