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05th Oct 2017

The one thing you should know before voting on Instagram polls

Watch yourselves, now.

Watch yourselves.

If you’ve been on Instagram recently, then you probably know that it has welcomed a new feature.

Yep, the social network is taking a nod from Twitter and has introduced an Instagram Poll on its Stories.

It can be kinda fun, with people asking all sorts of questions like, what food they should eat, places they should go and things they should (cheekily) get up to.

However, unlike Twitter’s voting polls, the Instagram user can actually see who has voted on their Stories.

Yep, say goodbye to voting anonymously, because if you take part in a poll, it’ll be there for the creator to see.

Tbh, it’s kinda put us off voting… but then again, you could get a good laugh from them with your mates.