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21st Feb 2018

One guy’s outfit got a lot of attention on First Dates Ireland last night

Rory Cashin

That can’t have been easy to put on.

On Tuesday night’s First Dates Ireland, 21-year-old Jack and 18-year-old Mila hit it off quite well on their date.

There was clearly a spark of chemistry between the new couple, even if during their post-date interview, neither one of them could remember the other’s name…

Clip via RTÉ2

However, in the lead-up to the date, as Jack was walking in to meet his date in the First Dates restaurant, everyone watching at home couldn’t help but notice one specific thing about his clothing choices…

To be fair, it looks like Jack himself is all too aware that he might be better off choosing a slightly looser fitting pant next time.

Providing, of course, he can actually these ones off…

Good call, Jack. Good call.