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20th Dec 2016

Now we know why lights are dimmed on a plane just before landing

It’s a lot more serious than we thought.


For any regular fliers, you become pretty used to the routine instructions from airline staff.

From pushing your bag under the seat in front of you to keeping the window blinds up – it seems they all have a real purpose.

So why are the lights dimmed every time a plane lands?

Speaking to Travel + Leisure magazine, pilot Chris Cooke revealed the real reasoning behind the popular precautionary measure.

The reason behind your partial is all down to helping your eyes adjust more quickly to darkness in the case of an emergency evacuation.

Explaining the procedure, Cooke said:

“Imagine being in an unfamiliar bright room filled with obstacles when someone turns off the lights and asks you to exit quickly.”

Helping your eyes adjust to the light is the same reason the blinds remain open on descent. Even when it’s dark outside, the clear windowpane means you can see natural light which can help guide passengers to safety.

So next time you’re preparing to land, do yourself a favour and slide that blind up.