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02nd Feb 2016

Notorious Men’s Rights Group To Hold A Meeting In Ireland This Weekend

The group's leader has advocated for the legalisation of rape on private property.

Ellen Tannam

Men’s Rights activist group Return Of Kings  have announced details of a global series of meetups due to take place on Saturday,February 6th.

The Frisky reports meetings will take place all over the globe and there’s one Irish location listed, Naas in Co. Kildare. Members of the Men’s Rights movement are supposed to meet outside the courthouse in the town and ask the secret question ‘Do you know where I can find a pet shop?’. They will then join the other men to discuss ‘men’s rights issues’.

If you want to know how deplorable this group is, here are some quotes from real articles on the site.

On taking advantage of intoxicated women:

“Although remember, they are not responsible for their actions and if they drink alcohol that they legally buy at a bar, a place that exists as a location where single men and women can go to meet each other and grease the wheels for sexual interaction. This can now be equated to violently raping her if she is unhappy afterwards.”

On rape and feminism:

Feminists don’t care about actual rape victims. But they do hate men enough that they want to use rape as a political weapon against them, even if it means encouraging high-risk behaviour among college-aged girls. In their eyes, one girl’s unpleasant night is worth it, to see a dastardly patriarch spend a decade in prison.

The meeting is for heterosexual men only, so keep an eye on Naas Courthouse Saturday night to identify some truly awful human beings.

Image via TheFrisky