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25th Oct 2019

Noooo! Dogs officially hate hugs and we are heartbroken

Our worst fears confirmed.

Cathy Donohue

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If you’ve ever given your pup a cuddle and received a look of disdain, there’s a reason behind it.

In a study published in Psychology Today, Stanley Coren says that dogs get stressed out when given affection.

If you think about it, this theory does make sense for our canine friends often feel trapped when confronted with a human embrace.

The signs include your pet closing his/her eyes, turning away from you and if your pup is feeling anxious, their ears tend to point downwards.


To back up this research, Coren looked through a sample of 250 photos where people were hugging their pups. He found that nearly 82 percent of the pups showed signs of stress.

Coren notes that canines are generally fast movers and if they are stressed out, their instinct is to run.

However, when you hug them, you’re essentially preventing them from getting away which can increase their stress levels.

So, if you want to show your puppy some love, limit yourself (I know it’s tough when you want to shower them with kisses and cuddles) to a rub on the belly.