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06th Apr 2013

No Meat Please! Five Of The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Ireland

It can be a little difficult to find a nice vegetarian restaurant in Ireland but these gems are certainly worth visiting...

Sue Murphy

Ireland may not exactly be an island of vegetarians but there certainly is a substantial amount of the population who have decided to forego meat and fish as part of their daily diet. Unfortunately, whenever a vegetarian visits a restaurant, the veggie option can often just be stir fry, margarita pizza or falafel. Not so with these five vegtastic eateries…

1. Cornucopia in Dublin

Probably one of the favourites here at towers, Cornucopia is not just a favourite with veggies in the office. The restaurant is located on Wicklow Street in Dublin’s city centre and really dishes up the crème de la crème of vegetarian food. Serving delicious soups and salads, they also provide a delicious range of desserts. We recommend the sweet potato, butterbean and roast garlic soup.

2. Happy Pear in Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Not only a restaurant, cafe and smoothie bar, the Happy Pear is also an amazing fresh food market in Greystones. You can enjoy a selection of their foods in their restaurant, curled up with a homely fire. All of their food is prepped in their own kitchen where they make soups, salads and cakes daily. Also, head on over to their website for some great recipes.

3. Organico in Bantry, Co. Cork

Whenever anyone reviews any of the best veggie restaurants in Ireland, this little gem always pops up as the one of the best veggie eateries. In its beautiful Bantry location, Organico describes its cafe as an “oasis of calm”. Organico cafe serves a lot of what they make in the bakery next door along with a variety of fair trade teas and coffees. We would definitely go for the Savoury Pancakes filled with Roasted Butternut Squash and Feta with a Sage Butter. Just amazing…

4. Govinda’s in Dublin

Another restaurant to make the list from Dublin is the wonderful Govinda’s which have three different restaurants in the city, one on Aungier Street, middle Abbey Street and Merrion Row. Promising the best in vegetarian cuisine, Govinda’s serve a range of vegetarian foods with European and Indian flavours and are always good value for money. The soup is usually a great option here.

5. Spud House in Galway

The Spud House took over from another great vegetarian restaurant in Galway but there has been no dip in the quality of the food. Located just across the road from NUIG in Newcastle, we would recommend the potato cakes. There is a lot of meat options on the menu, but the Spud House serves enough options to keep veggies happy.


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