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22nd Sep 2019

Study reveals why people cheat and it’s pretty heartbreaking

It's never easy.


Firstly, to clear the air, cheating on your partner is never OK. Nothing is ever gained from infidelity and someone (if not everyone) always ends up hurt.

If you are unhappy in your relationship, the obvious solution would be to leave it, but due to different circumstances and situations, people often find themselves cheating over breaking up.

And although we don’t condone that kind of behaviour, a study published by The Journal of Sex Research has revealed the main reason people find themselves cheating and it’s actually quite sad.

The main reason people cheat according to 495 adults surveyed wasn’t because they wanted to see what else was on the menu, no. The study revealed that the main reason was due to a “lack of love”.

Having sexual and emotional intimacy is a vital part of any healthy relationship and according to Women’s Health, women who cheat predominantly do it when they feel ignored or unloved.

70 percent of people in the same survey said they cheated due to feeling neglected in their relationship – be it sexually, emotionally or a mixture of both.

And although this finding is quite heartbreaking, the bottom line still is… if you feel unhappy in your relationship, the first step is to speak to someone be it your partner, a friend, a colleague, hearing your own thoughts out loud often helps you to too brainstorm – to see what it is you’re actually looking for. Take it step by step and try to tackle the problem head on, keeping quiet only leads to more issues and cheating is never a solution, it only provides a quick fix to a deep wound.