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11th Aug 2017

Bride left fuming after pal ditches her hen to go on groom’s stag do instead

She's thinking of disinviting the couple now

This is just bizarre.

A bride to be was left fuming after one of her best friends ditched her hen do to go on her partner’s stag instead – which she wasn’t even invited to.

The 30 year old mum, who has known the friend since they were teenagers, said that she is now considering disinviting her pal from the wedding.

Mumsnet user Restlessandwild explained that the friend had been making excuses about child care in the lead up to the big night – ultimately telling her she had to stay in with the kids instead.

The bride to be wrote that the other stags had clued her in to her friend attending the festivities with her own partner instead.

And now she admitted she’s thinking about axing the couple’s invite altogether.

She wrote:

“(I) just feel like picking up the phone and telling them to get lost and not bother coming to the wedding now.

“It was made absolutely clear that it was two completly separate events. I didn’t expect her at mine, since she made it clear that she couldn’t find babysitter.

“Apparently her mum came over. The other stags wete quite stunned and it really upset the dynamic of the evening. As I can imagine it would have done if a husband turned up at my hen.

“I know she’s very jealous of her DH but this?”

Other users were quick to slam the friend’s actions – but urged the bride to be to talk to her before disinviting.

Roomster101 said:

“I don’t blame you for being annoyed.

“She wasn’t invited to the stag do so it was pretty rude of her to turn up especially considering this meant you knew she was lying about why she couldn’t attend your hen do.

“I suspect that she intended to go to the stag do all along because she doesn’t trust her DH.”

Meanwhile, Raindancer 411 added:

“Seems a bit strange and wonder what the other stags made of it? Not sure if a total disinvite maybe a bit OTT, but maybe have a word with her?

“See how she is with that and then decide?”

And BarryTheKestrel said:

“I’d be furious frankly. Says it all about what she thinks of you and your friendship. She won’t make the effort for your hen but will go and keep tabs on her other half on the stag.

“My hen and DHs stag were on different weekends.

“On the night of the stag me and some friends had a girls night in, wine, chick flick, etc.

“I went home around midnight as I had work the next day, they all went into town and joined the stag party. I was fuming then and they hadn’t even ditched me.

“I’d talk to her, she what the hell she is playing at and what her excuses are before disinviting, but I’d seriously consider it.”


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