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21st Jul 2017

M&S have invented a Percy Pig cocktail and it sounds… interesting

Would you give this a go?

Jade Hayden

Percy Pig cocktail

This year, everybody’s favourite pig shaped sweet turns a respectable 25.

Yep, believe it or not but Percy Pig has been around for a whole quarter of a century, bringing a bit of raspberry flavoured excitement to the confectionery scene.

To celebrate Percy’s 25th birthday, Marks & Spencer have invented their own Percy Pig cocktail – and no, it’s not just a gin and tonic with a few Percys thrown in.

Gin gif

First, a handful of the iconic sweets needs to be infused in vodka for two days.

After enough time has passed, the vodka is then added to a mix of mandarin and raspberry juice.

Pour over ice, add a cute little umbrella, and voila! – you’ve got yourself a bonafide Percy Pig cocktail.

A play on the classic ‘Sex on the beach,’ M&S have called their drink a ‘Percy Pig on the beach.’

Which one would you rather be having?