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05th Jul 2019

Millionaire looking for someone to go to festivals with him and the job pays €5,500 per gig

Paul Moore

You might know somebody that’s interested…

With Longitude about to kick off, a week of gigs at Trinity College and Westlife in Croke Park, the summer festival/gig season is in full swing, but with so many bands and artists to see, it’s understandable if money is a bit tight.

Well, if you’re a music lover that’s absolutely broke – isn’t that everyone? – you’ll be pleased to know that your dream job has just become available.

Hushhush is self-described as “The World’s Leading Luxury Shopping Marketplace”.

Basically, it’s an online paradise for rich people who want to buy expensive cars, jewellery, gold-covered sharks with lasers attached to their heads. You know, rich person stuff.

Well, they’re also advertising a very interesting role that one of their customers needs to fill because a millionaire is looking for a festival concierge to attend gigs with them.

The post states: “The request comes from a millionaire who’s on the hunt for a festival concierge who can help him have the most authentic festival experience… but with his usual luxuries. The millionaire has never been to a festival and said he feels like he is missing out.”

Ok, what does this job actually entail?

Aside from attending some the biggest festivals, while assisting the millionaire, you’ll be expected to help set up the tent, buy camping supplies and help ensure the millionaire has a great experience.

The position pays £5,000 (€5,500) per festival as well as free admission to some of the best European festivals around.

Suitable candidates need to be at least 18 years old, have good experience of attending festivals and a passport.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, more details can be found here.