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18th Oct 2017

McDonald’s newest feature urges customers to put their phones down

We hope this trend catches on.

Remember the days when we used to talk to each other face to face?

When we had to actually ask people about their holidays instead of feeling like we were on it with them constantly seeing where they were, what they ate and what they wore.

Yep, times have severely changed and nowadays not having your phone attached to your hand literally feels like your missing a limb. And although I am not bashing these technology advancements like an ole biddy, I do love them, but it has hindered a lot of things, like meal time for instance.

If you go into any given restaurant, you will see people glued to their phones in the company of other and it’s fairly sad to see.

This was noticed by a specific McDonald’s in Singapore who noticed that all the customers in their restaurant were too busy on their phones to notice the food or the people around them, therefore they have introduced a new feature. A locker service.

The new initiative asks McDonalds’ clientele to lock their phones up as part of its ‘phone off, fun on’ campaign, aimed at families.

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According to Grazia, when McDonald’s surveyed their customers they found that 69 per cent of adults and 72 per cent of children admitted to using their phones while eating a meal.

Raise your hand if your guilty. We like this idea, meal time should not be phone time.