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06th Nov 2018

Man tries to justify cheating on his wife with her bridesmaid

cheating bridesmaid

A man has tried to justify cheating on his wife with her bridesmaid.

The husband, known only as ‘Jeremy’ said that due to his wife’s mental illness, they haven’t had sex in a very long time and, according to him, when they do, it’s a “once a month dutiful obligation.”

Speaking to Fatherly, the man said:

“It’s hard to explain just how crushing it is to be rejected by your wife over and over. You lose your confidence, your self-worth, you feel unloved.”

‘Jeremy’ explained that one night, he and a “close female friend” were drinking together and discussing their marriages.

He said that the conversation ended with the two of them sleeping together, eventually agreeing to never tell their respective spouses.

‘Jeremy’ then said that some time later, he cheated on his wife again with another woman. He also chose to continue this affair over an extended period of time.

He said that he feels he can justify his actions because his isn’t having sex “at home.”

He said:

“Every time I felt guilty, I’d suggest to my wife that we have sex, and her saying no only justified what I was doing. I felt bad, but at the same time with my wife’s mental issues, I worried that she might harm herself if the truth came out.”

‘Jeremy’ said that he eventually ended the affair but that he still hasn’t told his wife about his infidelity.

Fatherly suggested that he and his wife attend couple’s counselling.