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08th Jul 2021

Man says he won’t make women orgasm unless he plans on marrying them

Sarah McKenna Barry

Orgasms for women are “kind of a big deal”, apparently.

Twitter users are losing it, after a woman shared a baffling screenshot from her conversation with a man on Tinder.

The image starts with a man called Luke telling her she “sounds like high maintenance”, and Cait’s response gives some context to his claim.

She writes: “Why does it sound high maintenance to want the person you’re sharing your body with to want to give you an orgasm? I just don’t want sex to feel one-sided.”

In his response, Luke shares his bizarre take on female pleasure.

He writes: “Yeah, but it sounds like work with you. With a man it requires minimal work and with you it sounds like a 20 to 30 minute ordeal.

“I’m not trying to make a girl orgasm unless I plan on marrying her.”

Luke goes on to say that he won’t “sit here and say I’ll make you orgasm”, because, he believes, “orgasms for women are kind of a big deal”.

What a charmer.

“tell me about the secret forbidden orgasms Luke” Cait wrote on Twitter. “scouring the ancient texts from scraps of information pointing to a mythical super orgasm… like indiana jones and the holy grail.”

In the Twitter replies, many people pointed out the various flaws in Luke’s argument, particularly in his claim that “cumming” and orgasm are two different things.

“I forgot that our elders as well as health class have failed most us when it comes to human sexuality,” one person wrote. “I met a guy who’s in his 30’s who didn’t know the clitoris existed.”

Another objected to Luke’s time concerns: “If sex lasts only 30 minutes it’s not good sex lmao”

Many used the screenshot to talk about the very real orgasm gap, and male perceptions of female pleasure.

One person wrote: “Ok ladies I think it’s time we stop putting on the vocal performance for dudes because it’s clearly ruining their perception of what female sexual pleasure looks like.”