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23rd Oct 2014

Man Chops Off His Own Penis After Girlfriend Criticises His Bedroom Performance

The 22-year-old was devastated by the end of their relationship.

A man in Macedonia chopped off his own penis after his girlfriend told him she was disappointed with his performance in the bedroom.

According to the Irish Mirror, Oliver Ilic was heartbroken when his girlfriend broke up with him due to his lack of skills in the sack and decided to cut off his penis as it was “useless” due to its small size.

Ilic called emergency services when he couldn’t stop the bleeding and paramedics found that the 22-year-old had severed his penis with a single swipe of razor blade before throwing it in the bin.

Ilic had to be transferred to a hospital in the country’s capital to have the organ reattached and it is not yet known whether he will regain full function.