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19th Mar 2016

Love/Hate’s John Connors Addresses Late Late Appearance In Powerful Facebook Post

Last night actor and member of the Travelling Community John Connors made an appearance on the Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy  and made some bold and emotionally affecting statements about inequality and discrimination that Travellers face.

Since then, Connors has taken to Facebook to write a powerful statement, damning the institutional discrimination in place against the Travelling Community, and criticising Tubridy for playing ‘devil’s advocate’.

He then went on to list incidents of discrimination that have occurred against travelling community, from name-calling to governmental failures.

It’s all there in black and white.

“What about 14-year-old Aaron Joyce from ashbourne who’s body was refused from his local funeral home?”

“What about the thousands of settled people who protested against Travellers living in Tallaght in the 80s with the slogan ‘Knackers out’?”

“See Ryan you and me live in different worlds. My world has shaped me in such a way that i have the ability look past stereotypes, question popular opinion, think for myself and have empathy for people who have it hard or are experiencing injustice.You live in a comfortable bubble. Enjoy it.”

Read the full post below:

There has been allot of strong reactions to my interview on the late late. Some positive, some racist, some didn’t like…

Posted by John Connors on Saturday, 19 March 2016