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21st May 2019

Lidl is selling a bouncy castle for €35 so our summer is sorted

Olivia Hayes

We loved a good bouncy castle.

There was nothing more delightful as a kid to pop over to your mate’s house for a birthday party and find a bouncy castle in their back garden.

Some even got them for communions and confirmations, too.

They’re great craic and remember when you’d take the power out and it would go down and the absolute mayhem of trying to get back out again? Yeah, that was fun (and probably dangerous, don’t try it).

Well, if you want to relive your childhood Lidl is selling a bouncy castle for only €35.

Now, it’s tiny. Like, really tiny. So tiny that you’d probably only be able to sit in it. However, if you have a little one running around your house, or a small niece/nephew/cousin we’re sure they’d have great craic in it once the sun decides to come out.

 This bouncy castle will go on sale in Lidl on Thursday, May 23

It’s from the Lidl We Love Summer Fun range which will launch in stores on Thursday, May 23.

As with all knick-knacks from Lidl, it will no doubt sell out fast so we’d be number one in the queue for when the store opens on Thursday morning.

You can check out the entire We Love Summer Fun range here.