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18th Sep 2014

Ladies, This Story Has Single-Handedly Renewed Our Faith In Romance

An Irish singer came to the rescue of one Dublin Romeo this week...


While we’re typically a soft-hearted bunch, sometimes the highs and lows of the dating world can leave us feeling a little jaded.

Luckily, we came across a story this week that gave us the warm and fuzzies and renewed our faith that one day we’ll have our ‘Allie and Noah’ moment.

Singer Sinead O’Connor posted the heartwarming tale to her website this week, telling the story of a young man that she came across on Grafton Street recently. He was playing the guitar with this sign in the hopes that he might raise enough money to fly to London to meet his girlfriend.


Touched by his efforts, Sinead decided to stump up the €140 that he needed for his flight, knowing that there was a big chance that the man was chancing his arm and had very different plans for the cash.

“I don’t care if he’s full of shit or not. He’s a romantic. They’re out there. “We’  are out there. And even if he isn’t, and he was lying his face off, he deserved kudos for choosing the loving way and being so godamn clever. Plus, when I was his age someone gave me a hundred quid to f**k off out of this hell hole for a weekend to meet a record company,” she wrote.

“But more’s to the point…. ROMANCE ISN’T DEAD!!! Its not!!!!!!!!  Even kids know its not. And even if he hasn’t a girl at all, he knows people are full of romance and he knew romance would make people stop. So its confirmed for me that yes, most people are very romantic and I am in fact, not a complete and utter twat. Well, I am, but not for being wild romantic.”

Luckily for Sinead (and for our poor beaten-down hearts), she later received an email from her musical Romeo…

We highly recommend that you read the full story here.