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22nd Apr 2019

Labradoodle rushed to the vet after eating seven Easter eggs

'I think he was just disappointed we'd found him.'

A family dog is “lucky to be alive” after eating a number of Easter eggs he found at home.

Boseley, a brown labradoodle from Grimsby in England, came across a stash of Easter eggs that his owner Peter Hinds was keeping in his spare room.

Peter found Boseley in the room surrounded by foil.

He quickly realised that the dog had eaten four full-size chocolate eggs and three Creme Eggs.

Knowing that chocolate can be toxic to dogs, he rushed the four-year-old dog to a local veterinary clinic.

There he was given medication to induce vomiting.

Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical naturally found in cocoa.

While humans can easily digest it, dogs’ systems find it difficult to break down.

A large quantity of chocolate could cause muscle tremors, seizures, an irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding or a heart attack in a dog.

Thankfully, Boseley didn’t suffer any negative effects.

“Boseley is a real glutton and a big character,” said Peter.

“We accidentally left the spare bedroom door open and he went in and helped himself.

“When I found him he was happily eating. He had just started on his fourth Creme Egg and didn’t look remotely guilty. I think he was just disappointed we’d found him.”

The family has said that from now on all treats will be stored up high, far out of Boseley’s reach.

Main image via iStock.