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28th Feb 2022

Brown Thomas’ IV drip clinic faces backlash from medical professionals

What’s the deal with IV drip clinics?

Over the last few days, we’ve been hearing more and more about IV nutrition therapy as it’s now become readily available in Irish retail outlets.

Becoming available in Brown Thomas, IV drip therapy claims to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins, giving the body nutrients and vitamins apparently giving the user a whole new lease of life.

We say claim here as it seems that there is yet to be a solid amount of research available about the benefits these cleanses have both short and long term.

Taking to Instagram, nutritionist and dietician Orla Walsh discussed exactly how they work and what we need to know before investing hundreds into this therapy.

“V nutrition infusions that are currently available in retail outlets need to be made unavailable until research behind their benefit in the short and long term, as well as their risk in the short and long term is clear,” Orla wrote.

“The markup of the saline is remarkable. What is available in the hospital setting for mere cents is marked up significantly. As for the nutrients that are offered, supplements are far cheaper and safer, if they are required.

“When the oral route is available in healthy individuals, the IV route should not be used. There is a risk with each infusions (unlike drinking a glass of water and taking a supplement) and no clear reward.”

The new Brown Thomas store opened in Dundrum last week, and along with it came Get A Drip, “a leading Vitamin Drip provider” which they claim to be a “great way to give your body a boost, with a multitude of positive uses – from correcting vitamin deficiencies to ensuring general wellbeing. Receiving Vitamins via an IV Drip or Booster Shot means that all nutrients bypass the gut and any absorption issues, making them 100% bioavailable for your body to use.”

The clinic has seen backlash from medical professionals and customers alike, saying that the price is extortionate for what it is, but also questioning the legitimacy of it.

Orla continued: “The nutrients added tend to be water soluble nutrients. The bulk of which end up in urine very quickly. Some of the other nutrients are created in our body are not considered essential. So why offer them? While the remainder are found in abundance within a varied diet.”


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She went on: “If you’re feeling low in energy all the time, or have other symptoms that feel far from normal, please book in to see your GP. Please note there can be too much of a vitamin or mineral in the same way there can be too little of a vitamin or mineral.

“Please be extra vigilant with the infusions that offer potassium. Too much potassium can stop your heart. Lots of people have poor scientific literacy. It’s up to the people who know more in this area to do something. To feel better in yourself by putting a needle in your arm, consider donating blood.”

Brown Thomas has since released a statement to defend the new clinic, stating that while these treatments are new to the Irish market, they have been carried out in the US and UK “for quite some time.”

They said: “Information on the treatment is provided by qualified professionals and all customers who avail of the service will be fully assessed for their suitability for the services before every treatment.

“Following the opening of the Dundrum store last Thursday, we have had a great reaction from the customers that has matched demand for this service in other markets.”