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07th Mar 2016

It Turns Out Joey Tribbiani Came Up With One Of The Most Common Modern-Day Dating Terms

No, it's not "How you doin'?"


It’s the trials and tribulations of modern day dating that makes us eager to crawl under a duvet for eternity.

From Tinder to blind dates, to actually finding someone you want to spend time with… it’s never been easy guiding your way through the dating process.

So you can take some comfort in knowing that issues like being relegated to the ‘friendzone’ can now be dated back to 1994…

Spotted by Cosmopolitan, it seems Joey Tribbiani is the first person to mention the issue of downgrading your dating possibility thanks to the risky business of being friends.

Dating back to the 1994 episode, ‘The One With The Blackout’, Rachel, Joey and Ross are sitting in the girl’s apartment during a blackout when Joey pushes Ross to ask Rachel out.

Joey tries to explain to Ross why Rachel is now out of reach, saying:

“It’s never gonna happen. You and Rachel. You waited too long to make your move and now you’re in The Friend Zone. Ross, you’re mayor of the zone. I’m telling you, she has no idea what you’re thinking.

“If you don’t ask her out soon, you’re gonna end up stuck in the zone forever.”

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Which is both interesting… and a little devastating that more than 20 years later nobody has come up with a way of getting out of the friendzone.