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14th Jul 2015

*Updated* Irish Rail Passenger Sends Heart-Warming Message To Young Man On Dublin-Cork Train

This would warm the cockles...

Social media is a powerful force that has connected us in ways we never dreamed possible. 

However, some might say that the art of face-to-face conversation has been lost in the web.

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Well, this story perfectly combines the beauty of the two.

This week, one young passenger on the Dublin-Cork train sparked up a conversation with an elderly couple opposite him, before getting off at Thurles.

What he didn’t know was that another passenger was eavesdropping on the conversation, and was so moved that they took to Twitter to send the young man a message.

The lovely note was retweeted by Irish Rail in a bid to find the young gentleman in question. We hope he gets his points, too!

H/T to our bros at for this gem! 

*Update* Irish Rail have found the friendly young man! His name is Thomas Conway and he’s from Ballina, Co. Tipperary.

He had some lovely things to say, as expected.