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17th Mar 2019

Irish baby names are on the rise among parents in the United States

Irish culture has always been a big influence in the United States, with many Americans able to boast about their Irish heritage.

Recent surveys have found that this love of the Emerald Isle has not waned in recent years with Irish baby names high on the list of trending baby names in the USA.

Names such as Sean, Aisling, Ryan and Connor are just some of the Irish names topping the top 100 polls of American parents.

More traditional names such as Muireann, Etain and Ronan are also among the top trending Irish baby names in the United States.

According to Aidan was unofficially the number one Irish baby name in the United States but because of the various ways it is spelled could not claim the title officially.

The website found that a whopping total of 26,300 baby boys were given some version of the name in recent years.

With Patrick’s Day only around the corner I’m sure there’ll be a few more babies on the other side of the Atlantic donning the name Pat, Paddy or Padraig very soon.